There, There - Cyril Wong

But we are not yet there, there
where we cling to our names
for old times’ sake, and clouds
would read like empty pages,
at last. But we are not yet there.

Cyril Wong lives in Singapore with his partner of nearly two decades. He left home in his teens because his family refused to accept his way of life. He was a program manager at Singapore’s first independent arts center. He later became a ‘confessional poet’ but he has also published fiction and critical essays. Privately, he sings more than he writes. He really started out as a classical musician, but life had other plans for him. In his forties now, he struggles to balance between being a closeted mystic (so a pandemic lockdown suits him just fine) and the occasional performance-artist and poet. His recent book is Infinity Diary, published by Seagull Books.