Those Old Steps - Sarah Mackey Kirby

Will you walk with me
to those old steps?
Cracked and broken,
stripped of depth. In
concrete crumbles.

We used to sit here.
Bare feet moments.
Clanking ice in humid
breeze, sweet verbena
just in bloom. Royal purple
knighting Spring.
Laughing nothings,
as young girls do.

I can see your smile, your
necklace bell, dangling
memories in porch swing wind.
Sycamore shadowed afternoons.
I feel your rhythm
trace the earth.
Will you stay with me a while?

Sarah Mackey Kirby is a Kentucky poet and writer. She is taking a hiatus from teaching history to the high school sophomores and juniors who make her laugh and fill her days with joy to focus on her writing. She and her husband share their Louisville home with a sweet cat and a mischievous but loveable Cockapoo. If Sarah had it her way, she would spend most of her time traveling, painting, and being at the beach. Her poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Connecticut River Review, Dream Noir, Impspired, Muddy River Poetry Review, Punk Noir, and elsewhere.