Where to Look for the Good Stuff - J. T. Knoll

Today, in the cool green of Kansas morning,
up to my neck in the love of summer,

I walked with Linda and Arlo the Labradorian
on the tension of the good earth.

Grasshoppers spun off
like green and yellow helicopters

and a red-tailed hawk called out
as it landed high in a catalpa tree.

I am telling you this for same reason
that I underline passages and scribble

in the margins of books
so when you come upon them

in the 50-cent bin at the flea market,
                        you will know where to look for the good stuff.

J. T. Knoll, a native of the Republic of Frontenac, Kansas, is a counselor, prize-winning newspaper columnist, poet and speaker. Ghost Sign, his recent collaboration with three other Southeast Kansas poets, was selected as a 2017 Kansas Notable Book. He lives in Pittsburg on Euclid’s Curve, with his wife, Linda, and dog, Arlo the Labradorian.