Without Blessings - Sasha Wade

Don’t forget to bless
the animals,
says my son.

Yes, without blessings
the mason bees, ripe, may flee

the eaves in spring rain. Drained,
the lonely goat, resistant cow

will stiffen as small hands,
sweetly whistle to wake

the insistent wren — so loud,
conspicuous, paused in song.

Even the starling stalking
our elm tree wonders will

they forget to bless my wings,
black shells, scarred oyster heart.

Sasha Wade lives in Long Island, N.Y. with her husband; her two grown children live in Houston, Texas. A recent graduate of Bennington College’s MFA Writing Program and an attendee of Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, Sasha is presently working on her first chapbook. Her poetry is inspired by her passion for visual art, nature, and family. Sasha is also working on a project that involves her great grandfather, Alirio Diaz Guerra, who was a Colombian-born poet and novelist.

Sasha Wade’s poetry has appeared in Rust + Moth, The James Dickey Review, and Third Wednesday, and is forthcoming in The American Journal of Poetry.