From the Past - Margo Sorgman

The sun set on Hong Kong Harbor painting the city crimson. People hurried off the ferry, returning to home and loved ones. Behind me, I felt the short, hobbled gait of something from the past. An old woman moved in quiet dignity. Feet bound to become a lotus. My reach, a gesture to help her on her way, was met with a low bow and nod of no. I bowed, stepped aside to let her pass, and slowed my steps with hers.

From the past she comes
bound by the rules of her day
as I am to mine.

Margo Sorgman’s love of teaching led her to Japan with the Department of Defense and on to doctoral studies and a fellowship at Boston University. There were many productive years as teacher, researcher, and administrator at University of Utah, State University of New York- Geneseo, Central Connecticut State University, and Endicott College. A recipient of multiple teaching and service awards, she retired as Professor Emeritus from Indiana University Kokomo to a joyful life in Chicago. Here she volunteers with the League of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, takes study groups in Northwestern’s OLLI Program, writes Japanese poetry with others, and delights in time with her wonderful daughter Laura, Boston family, and dear friends. From her high rise, Matisse awakens her with a paw tap to the Lake’s magic which she tries to capture in prose and poetry.