If You Never Wear It, You Should Buy It - Joseph Glaser

Joseph (“Joe”) Glaser, educated in engineering, physics and math, most of Joe’s career centered on computer systems management.  After retiring in 2008, he “re-purposed” himself towards the liberal arts, writing poetry and traveling a lot. His poems and travel photos first appeared in The Journal, printed by Northwestern University’s ILR/OLLI program, then the online Front Porch Review, Decades Review and Muses’ Gallery of Highland Park Poetry. Since 2013, his poems and photos have also been published in: (1) multiple-themed print collections of the Journal of Modern Poetry, winning best modern poem prize and Pushcart nomination in JOMP-16; (2) Vols. 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Distilled Lives, printed by the Illinois State Poetry Society; and (3) the printed East on Central, A Journal of Arts and Letters for 2017 through 2021