the notes in my home - Emily-Sue Sloane

strike a chord
in a comforting key
dissonant like
a message delivered
from a distant star
insistent reminders
to reach for highs and lows
to carry on with tasks and talks
scribbles and scrawls
minding and mending

the notes in my home
cling to the fridge
sprawl across tables
float in the air
on waves humming
with the delight of discovery
they form a scruffy line
shake hands with old friends
then shuffle their pattern
and bow to new neighbors
unsure of how they’ll get

it takes time to
learn a new step
embed a new rhythm
make room for others
slowly making their way
from scattered jots
and recorded memos
to arrive ready to heed
the guiding baton
listen to the beating heart
hold up a mirror
turned outward
and watch
as the light
of recognition

Emily-Sue Sloane lives in Huntington Station, NY, where she enjoys writing, reading, practicing yoga, and exploring Long Island’s natural beauty. After she retired from a career in publishing, she revived a long-dormant writing practice, finding inspiration in the backyard, at the beach, in the woods, in the news, and in watching and listening to folks along the way. Her poetry has won contest awards and is published in a variety of anthologies and literary reviews, including Evening Street Review, Mobius Magazine, Muddy River Poetry Review, Nassau County Poet Laureate Society Review, Panoply, The Poeming Pigeon, The RavensPerch, and past issues of the Front Porch Review. She published her first full-length poetry collection, We Are Beach Glass, this year. For more information, please visit