Winter In My Dream - James G. Piatt

“…Snow is falling
Over river and woodland and wold;
The trees bear spectral blossom
In the moonshine blurr
d and cold…”
John James Piatt (1835 – 1917)

While dreaming one night,
Winter arrived in my dream.
I felt crisp snow
crackling under my feet,
while misty visions of
whiteness blanketed the earth.

Frozen images, encased
in Winter’s woolen hours,
leaped to and fro,
as my dream-thoughts
merged with old visions
causing me to feel the essence
of my youthful memories.

I watched with my sleeping mind’s eye,
as the moon’s silver beams
painted a placid pond’s smooth,
icy surface with a grayish white.

I listened to the shivering winds,
that were hidden in the shadows of clouds,
and sensed the land was being covered
with layers of soft, whitish dust,
creating a wonderland of silvery silence.

I saw my breath flowing like a magic mist
through the fleeting hours of the night,
as flakes of white soared
in the air like angels gliding in the sky,
and I felt a sense of anticipation for
the coming season.

James G. Piatt is a twice Best of Net nominee and four-time Pushcart nominee. He has had five poetry books, “The Silent Pond,” “Ancient Rhythms,” “LIGHT,” “Solace Between the Lines,” and Serenity, over 1795 poems, five novels, and forty short stories published in hundreds of national and international literary magazines, anthologies, and books. He earned his doctorate from BYU, and his BS and MA from California State Polytechnic University, SLO.